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No Credit Check Car Loans: Getting Approved with No Credit

 Are no credit check car loans legitimate? Can you really get an auto loan without a credit check? These are more questions our teams field often.

No Credit Check Car Loans


There are such things as no credit check auto loans and they are legitimate. They are products typically offered to those with no or bad credit as a means to get a car. The loan application will still assess affordability, income, debt and financial stability but it won’t take your credit score into account.


The one thing you need to know about no credit check auto loans is that they are usually expensive. The lender, or dealership if they run the finance themselves, will want to mitigate the extra risk they are taking with higher interest rates. Just how much more expensive they are depends on the particular offer but you could easily expect to be paying interest rates in double figures.


The more you borrow, or the longer the term, the more expensive that loan becomes. While it’s an option for those with less than ideal credit, it’s an expensive option. The other thing you need to know is that you are often restricted to being able to buy from a defined pool of cars, such as those currently on the dealer’s lot.


Alternatives to No Credit Check Car Loans


There are cheaper alternatives to no credit check auto loans. A simple bad credit auto loan will often be cheaper and will often offer access to a much wider selection of cars to buy with it.


A bad credit car loan is the same as a standard car loan in everything but the rate. You can buy almost any car or borrow different amounts over different terms.


As long as your credit score supports it and you have the income to make the payments, you should be accepted for a bad credit auto loan.


How to Apply for a Bad Credit Car Loan


The bad credit car loan application process is simple.


Prepare the paperwork: Be prepared to have to prove income, debt, employment, ID, residence and ability to repay the loan. If you have been in debt, be prepared to prove you’re handling the situation or have paid everything off.


Get Pre-Approved: Prequalification is like getting a quote for the loan. It uses a soft inquiry and will check the details you enter into a simple form to assess your viability for the loan.


Down payment or trade in: Prepare your down payment or your old car to trade in. Save as much as you can to help improve the chances of acceptance and/or make the car look as presentable as possible so you get the most for it.


Contact Dixie Auto Loans: Work with a team of professionals with vast experience working with people with less than ideal credit. We have the skills and the expertise to secure you a competitive bad credit car loan.

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