How Do Car Loans Work in Ontario? The Ultimate 2023 Guide

If you’re spending more than $5,000 on a car, whether it’s new or old, you probably need a car loan. But if you’ve never purchased a car or made a purchase this substantial, you might not be familiar with how car loans work in Burlington Ontario. To help you understand what to expect, we’ll explain everything.

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What is a Car Loan and How is it Paid?

Simply put how car loans work in Burlington; it allows you to purchase a vehicle without having to pay the entire cost upfront. Because most Canadians don’t have enough cash on hand to cover the entire cost of a car in cash, we use loans. Usually, you can receive a car loan from the bank or the dealership where you’re buying the vehicle. You’ll be repaying the loan over a pre-determined period of time once you receive it. This period of time is entirely up to you and depends on a number of variables, including your budget and how quickly you’d like to pay off the loan.


3 Main Factors of Car Loans

1. The loan amount (principle): This is the overall cost of the vehicle, including any additional fees and add-ons, less the amount of your down payment. The cash you pay upfront is referred to as a down payment. Although technically you don’t need to put any money down when purchasing a car, it is strongly advised that you do so in the range of 20% of the entire price. By doing this, you can borrow less money and make smaller payments on your loan each pay period.

How it works: You put down 20% for a car that costs $40,000 in total. 20% of $40,000 is $8,000. As a result, you will pay $8,000 for the car up front and borrow the remainder $32,000, which you will pay back over time.

2. APR (annual percentage rate): This is your interest, a supplementary expense associated with a car loan. Borrowers raise interest rates because they need to profit from your loan. For new automobiles and used cars, respectively, the average yearly interest rate on a car loan in Canada is roughly 4% and 8%. The following list of variables affects the interest rate on a car loan. Always remember to search around for auto loans because there may be a better offer or an incentive available. The interest rate can vary from lender to lender. No of your financial status, Car Nation Canada will work with you and always offer exceptional prices,

Due to many factors and the current economic state of the world in 2022, interest rates are unfortunately on the rise alongside inflation in Canada. That’s why it’s important to not wait if you’re thinking about financing a car loan.


canada inflation and interest rates

Canada inflation and interest rates


Main Factors that Influence Interest Rate

Credit score: When it comes to your possibilities for interest rates, this is typically the most crucial aspect. The lender can determine your ability to make payments based on your credit score. If your credit score is between 300 and 600, you’ll typically be given a loan with a higher interest rate because the lender considers you to be more likely to default on the loan or make late payments. On the other hand, a lender will be much more likely to offer you a reduced interest rate if you have good credit (700+), as they know you’ll be able to make the payments.

Loan Length: The longer the Burlington car loan term, the greater the interest rate the lender will typically demand. Because they are unable to foresee future economic predictions or the borrower’s capacity to repay the loan over the long term, they view longer loan durations as carrying a higher risk. Less risky loans have lower interest rates since they provide less of a threat to the lender.



Your down payment: When someone buys a car, the lender will charge them a higher interest rate if they put little or no money down. This is out of concern that the borrower (you) will be more likely to fall behind on the loan, which would mean you are unable to make payments. Higher down payments result in reduced borrowing costs and more manageable monthly payments.

New or usedNew vehicles typically have loan rates that are lower than used cars. It’s only that the lender considers the used automobile to be a riskier investment given its age, mileage, condition, etc.

Inflation is just one of many other factors that affect interest rates, but the ones we’ve highlighted are ones you can control. We advise you to focus on raising your credit score, look for the shortest loan term feasible, and pay as much money down as you can in order to have the lowest interest rate available.



3. The loan term: You can decide how long it will take to pay off a car loan in Burlington. The typical auto loan duration in 2022 will be 72 months (6 years). Nevertheless, many people are opting for longer auto loans these days, and you can have a loan duration of up to 120 months (10 years). The term of the auto loan you select will depend on how much you want to pay each month in payments. Conversely, longer installments will have smaller pay amounts, and because of interest, you’ll be paying less overall. A shorter loan will have greater payments because there are fewer total payments.

How it works: Let’s assume that you intend to repay a $32,000 loan over 72 months without taking interest into account. To get 444.44, you would just divide $32,000 by 72. Consequently, your monthly car loan payment would be $444.44 plus the APR.


Car Loans are Flexible

There are numerous circumstances in which you might desire to modify your loan arrangement. You may make additional payments over the minimal required sum if you want to begin repaying the loan earlier. In fact, we advise you to start making greater payments if you’re in a position where you can in order to pay off your loan as quickly as possible. On the other hand, it would be a good idea to get in touch with your lender and ask them to extend the loan or cancel it entirely if you’re having trouble making your payments.


Car Loan Refinancing

Another crucial aspect of Ontario’s system for auto loans is refinancing. Refinancing a car loan refers to replacing your existing loan with a new one. This could be done for a number of reasons, including obtaining a cheaper interest rate, releasing some equity, shortening the loan’s term, increasing monthly payments, or something else entirely.

The process for refinancing a car loan in Burlington is very similar to how you applied initially. You only need to know the settlement amount of the present loan instead of determining the car’s value (how much you still must pay). If the moment is perfect, refinancing can be a terrific alternative for you. If you’re interested in refinancing your auto loan, please get in touch with us. If you have a car loan but have bad credit, refinancing would be a terrific choice for you. It might be a good idea to refinance the loan to attempt and get a better rate if you’ve been paying off a car loan for about two years without skipping payments.


Benefits of Car Loan Refinancing



Lower interest rate: If you already have an auto loan with a high interest rate or a bad credit vehicle loan, refinancing could save you a significant amount of money. You may be able to save a lot of money on interest payments if you are approved for a lower rate.

Smaller monthly payments: You can refinance your existing loan to a lower amount if you have already paid off a portion of it, which will lower your monthly payments.

Loan term reduction: If you’re halfway through your loan and can make the monthly payments, you can consider refinancing to reduce the total length of your loan. Although less often than lowering the payments, it is nonetheless conceivable.

Release some equity: by refinancing to the car’s value if you have paid off a portion of your auto loan and the vehicle is now worth more than the balance due.


That’s it!

We hope this helped you understand more about how car loans work in Burlington Ontario. When you walk into the dealership, it’s great to be organized and know exactly what you want financially. Give us a call at +1 888-856-1288 or complete the form on this page when you’re ready to finance your next new or used automobile at a fantastic rate!