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Are you one of the good people who have credit problems? Bad credit is more common than you think! The good news is, more and more lenders are now targeting good people with bad credit!

Even if you have bad credit, you can still qualify for an auto loan...and it's become easier and less humiliating now due to the wonders of the internet! You can apply online, and not have to put up with the unneeded stress of trying to get financed through the dealership!

Here's how good people buy a vehicle that have bad credit...

Set up special financing before even stepping onto the car lot! You can get "pre-approvals" from many online lenders. This way you know when you walk onto the first car lot exactly how much you can spend, and how much your monthly payments will be! The lenders will approve you for the loan, and mail you a credit voucher that you give to the dealership once you work the deal on the car you want. You simply fill in the amount borrowed (up to your pre-approved limit,) sign, send your signed contract into the lender, and you're done!

In order to qualify for a bad credit car loan, lenders look at some specific things. They will want to see if you have sufficient income to cover your current bills, the loan payment you are about to commit to, as well as the costs of maintaining and insuring your new vehicle. Most lenders also prefer that you've held your current job for about a year, and that you've had a consistent home address.

It sounds a bit simplistic, but don't take on any more of a car payment than you can afford! Use this opportunity to rebuild your credit...make your payments on time, and when your credit situation improves, you can get your loan refinanced at a lower interest rate.

Like with any other buying situation, it is best to compare rates among different lenders. Be careful not to apply at too many places though, as too many credit inquiries will have a negative effect on your credit score.