Should You Buy Your Car Online or In-Person in Canada?

Should You Buy Your Car Online or In-Person in Canada?

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Honestly, there was a time when we would have urged car buyers away from online, but the times, as they say, they are a-changing.


So, should you buy your car online? There are different avenues to explore depending on how you want your experience to go.

Fully Online


You can complete every part of your car buying journey online. From securing financing to browsing to purchasing. What could be bad about that?


Well, if you’re someone who wants to get a feel for the car they’re going to be driving before they buy it, then this isn’t for you. Online car retailers don’t allow for test drives. They don’t have brick and mortar locations for you to pop in and take a few cars for a spin.


A positive of these retailers not having in-person locations is that they have lower overhead costs. They can generally offer lower prices than many physical dealerships can. These prices however, are not negotiable. This could be good: what you see is what you get; or bad: no room to work those haggle muscles.




There are still people out there who love the idea of going to the dealership, talking to the salespeople, driving a few cars, and getting the best deal they can talk their way into.


Is this you? Then get out there! Go out to the lots and find yourself a deal. Even if the exact car you want isn’t sitting on the lot, many dealers have sister lots that they can get inventory from. The Jeep you test drove was black, but you want grey? Your sales team at the dealership can get that for you.


Local dealers have a relationship with their community. You can research who you’re buying from and find a place with a reputation for being trustworthy. Chances are if you’re buying a new vehicle from a dealership, you’ll be bringing it back for service appointments for years to come. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you can trust them with your car?


Hybrid Approach


Let’s face it, we are living in the internet age. We won’t deny it. Our favourite approach to buying a car is definitely a blend of new and old. Shopping around for a new car is so much easier now that you can look at dealer inventory online. You can find options within your price range and apply for financing from home. Once you’re approved you can go to the dealership to test drive your selections and work with someone to get a great deal.


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