What to do if you were Scammed when Selling your Car

What to do if you were Scammed when Selling your Car

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The vast majority of private car sales go perfectly well and it’s only a minority that have trouble. However, that minority is enough to cause anxiety for some and confusion for others. If you were scammed when selling your car, we’re sorry to hear that and this article should give you some guidance on next steps.


We recommend selling your car to a dealership to avoid anxiety and this guide for those confused with what to do after being scammed when selling your car privately.


Action to take after being scammed


The first thing to do when you have been scammed is to collate all the information you know on the scammer.


That means recording their name, address and any ID they gave you. It will all likely be false but evidence is evidence.


If you caught them on home CCTV, Ring doorbell or your phone, make a copy of the images.


If they drove to your house to view the car, record the make, model and registration of the car they used.


Record how exactly you were scammed when selling your car. Did they use a fake banker’s cheque? Fake escrow or payment service?


Tell the police


In the vast majority of instances, filing a crime report with the police will give you a crime number for you to try to claim on insurance. Most auto insurance policies won’t cover you when selling your car, but other types of policy might.


Provide the police with everything you know and have on the scammer, including any video, images, dashcam footage, copies of their ID or anything else.


Then leave the police to do their job. Something may come of it, or it won’t.


Tell the bank


If you were paid using a fake banker’s cheque, chances are your bank already knows as they are probably the ones that alerted you.


Give the bank the crime number and request they waive or refund any fees you were charged because the cheque bounced or was a fake.


If it was another payment method, alert your bank and see if there is anything they can do. It is unlikely that your bank will be able to do anything as many popular escrow services are not based in Canada.


Deal with the aftermath


Now you have to deal with the fallout. The police are unlikely to be able to do anything, insurance won’t cover you, the bank is also unlikely to be able to do anything.


So, you now have to save up and buy another car and call it a lesson learned. It’s a harsh lesson to be sure, but it’s a life lesson nonetheless.


Sell your car to our dealership


You can avoid scams and all the other inconveniences of selling by selling your car to a dealership. We pay fairly, we pay directly into your bank and we make it as easy and as painless as possible.


What more could you need?


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