Save Money On Gas In Waterloo With These Steps

Save Money On Gas In Waterloo With These Steps

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If you’re trying to save a little money or make life more affordable, there are hundreds of ways to save money. Some are simple and won’t make a big impact on your quality of life, while some will. One of the simplest is to save money on gas.


Our Waterloo auto loans team offer some of the simple kind. We have 5 straightforward ways to save money on gas while you commute to work. We hope they help!


Leave earlier


We don’t mean turning up to work at 4am, but leaving 10 minutes earlier in the morning can make a huge difference to how much traffic you come up against.


I used to commute 110 miles per day to work and back and found halfway through my career that leaving 10 minutes earlier meant my journey was 10 minutes shorter each morning.


It also meant less sitting in traffic, maintaining highway speeds and having a much more enjoyable commute.


Drive efficiently


Keeping to highway speeds wherever possible is part of efficient driving. The most frugal speed is 55 mph or 88 kph. Drive smoothly, shift up the gears at the first opportunity, don’t ride the brakes and allow the car to slow naturally wherever possible rather than braking and accelerating.


Make your own coffee


Do you buy a coffee with your gas on the way to work? I used to. Now I make my own and have a travel mug to keep it warm. It works a lot better than a cardboard cup that’s for sure!


It also saves me $2 per gas stop in coffee. If I don’t buy coffee, I don’t also buy a pain au chocolat or other sweet treat to enjoy on the way to work either!


Save the AC for when you really need it


Ontario does have lovely summers but the days when we really need AC are few and far between. Saving AC for those days not only lets you appreciate it a lot more, it also saves a lot on gas.


Running AC makes your engine run around 10% harder to power it, which uses more gas.


Check your tire pressures


Tire pressure has a significant effect on handling, road holding and fuel efficiency. Run pressures too low and the engine has to work harder to propel you. Grip and stability are also compromised.


Keep an eye on your tires and check them once a month to make sure they are around the correct pressure.


We appreciate that none of these measures to save money on gas are going to make you rich or suddenly help you save for that down payment on your next auto loan. But every little helps and even saving $10-20 a week or every couple of weeks means a little more in savings or a little more in the black instead of the red.


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