Dixie Auto Loans – Customer Reviews

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 - Archived under Uncategorized

I suspected I needed a bad credit car loan because of some credit card trouble in the past, so I applied for a loan through Dixie Auto Loans when it came time to purchase a car for work. Turns out I was right, but Jeff was able to explain to me that I wasn’t in nearly as bad of a situation as I had imagined.

He was able to secure me a car loan at a reasonable interest rate compared to the other quotes I was receiving. He understood my situation and provided me with an awesome experience.  Since his dealership was part of the Car Nation Canada dealership group, I was able to select my vehicle from a variety of options and was able to pick a vehicle that I love.

I’ve already referred a few friends and they’ve all had similar good experiences.

Dixie Auto Loans