5 Great Reasons to Sell your Old Car Right Now

5 Great Reasons to Sell your Old Car Right Now

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Have a car you don’t get your money’s worth? Have a spare car you don’t use often or are you thinking about a change? We’ll give you 5 reasons why now is an excellent time to sell your old car to a dealership.


With dealerships paying more than ever for quality used cars, now is an excellent time to sell your old car.


Here are 5 Reasons to Sell your Old Car:


  1. Gas prices will only go up


Even though oil is in good supply right now, gas prices continue to increase, even if it’s slowly. This isn’t going to change anytime soon.


Newer cars require less spending less on gas. If your car is older and not so good on gas, that’s even more reason to sell.


We don’t know what will happen to gas production or gas prices when more people switch to electric but it won’t be good for the consumer. It rarely is.


  1. The green revolution


Electric cars are expensive but they are gradually coming down in price. Estimates are that price parity will happen at the end of 2022 or early 2023. That’s when electric cars will cost around the same as a new gas powered car.


There are more electric options than ever before, ranges are getting longer all the time and some of the newer EVs look very cool!


  1. Your car is expensive to keep on the road


Rising costs for keeping your car on the road is another compelling reason to sell it. Whether that’s more repairs than before, lower gas mileage, frequent breakdowns and need for a tow or something else entirely.


If you’re getting fed up with spending a lot of time and money trying to keep the car on the road, perhaps it’s time to let it go.


  1. You have earned an upgrade


Got a promotion? Reached a milestone of some kind? Just want something newer or nicer? We all work hard and some of us like to reward ourselves with a new car.


A premium car with more features, more safety technology or a smoother ride is a great way to recognize how hard we work.


Help finance that by selling your old car to a dealership and using the cash on a new car or lease.


  1. You need to downsize


Got a full size truck you no longer need? Got a family wagon but your kids have left home? Want to swap the family hauler for a two seater?


This is another great reason for selling your car. There’s no point driving a big car you don’t need or sticking with something you don’t like just because you’re used to it.


6. You stay in the city


If you don’t drive into the countryside for mountain biking, kayaking or hiking, don’t drive across the city to watch the game or visit your buddies, you probably don’t need a car.


There are plenty of opportunities to get around without having to pay to keep a car. Most of our cities have excellent public transit systems, so you’re never really out of touch.



Now is the perfect time to sell your car and enjoy something that suits your current needs, not your old ones.


Sell your old car to a dealership and make easy money for very little effort. It’s simple!


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