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Car Loans after a Consumer Proposal: 4 Steps to Succeed

Posted by on Oct 07, 2022 - Archived under Bad Credit Car Loan Tips

  If you're looking for car loans after a consumer proposal in Canada, there are some important steps you should follow if you want to start leading a better quality of life.   The first thing we need to square away is you have completed the consumer proposal and have been discharged.   If you have not been r... READ

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  A... READ

How to Budget For a New Car: Buy The Car You Actually Want

Posted by on Oct 04, 2022 - Archived under Bad Credit Car Loan Tips

Do you want to buy a new car? You ... READ

Posted by on Sep 23, 2022 - Archived under Bad Credit Car Loan Tips

Thousands of Canadians have found themselves in difficult situations through no fault of their own. The pandemic has wrought devastation across all aspects of our lives and financial difficulties are just one aspect of that.   So what can you do if you can't afford a car loan anymore?  

Don’t Panic

First th... READ

Financing a Car Loan After Divorce: All You Need to Know

Posted by on Jun 24, 2022 - Archived under Bad Credit Car Loan Tips

Divorce brings about significant changes in various aspects of life, including financial matters. One area that often requires attention is joint debts, such as car loans. In this article, we will explore what happens to a car loan after divorce, shedding light on the key considerations and options available to individuals navigating this... READ

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We tend to recommend using credit cards to help you rebuild credit but there are actually dozens of ways you can do it. Today’s post is going to outline a few more steps to rebuild credit score.   We asked our auto loans team to outline a few straightforward steps to rebuild credit score. Here are some of the better suggestio... READ

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