How to Use Less Gas When Driving: 5 Easy Tips

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While many people are still working from home, some of us still have to make the commute to and from work every day. With gas prices still high (although not the levels they were a few months ago), how can you use less gas when driving?  Here are a few tips to increase your fuel efficiency and keep some money in your pocket.


Obey Speed Limits

We shouldn’t have to tell you not to speed, but we’ll remind you anyway.  Driving at appropriate speeds helps with fuel efficiency. You won’t need to accelerate or brake hard if you’re keeping up with the flow of traffic and paying attention.  Driving safely means using less gas overall


Cruise control is handy for maintaining speed to improve your fuel economy. If you have that feature in your car, use it when you can.



Simple vehicle maintenance can help you save money on gas as well.  Keep your tires inflated to the correct level, change your oil regularly, and have your engine tuned up.  Little things to make sure your car is running properly help lower costs all around.


Don’t Idle

Not only is idling bad for the environment, it uses more gas than turning the engine off and back on.



Use Less A/C and Try to Keep Windows Closed

Air conditioning adds to the engine’s workload and leads to more fuel being burned.  Try recirculating the air instead of pulling hot air from outside whenever you can.  Use some restraint and don’t blast that A/C for your full 30-minute commute.



Maybe it sounds counter-intuitive to the above point, but driving with the windows up can also help with fuel efficiency.  Obviously, we don’t want you to overheat while you’re driving, just be mindful of how often you drive with your windows down or the A/C on.


Do Errands in One Trip

As often as possible, plan an efficient route and try to get all your tasks done in one journey.  If you have 4 places to go all across town, cross them all off your list at once.  Driving fewer kilometers will definitely help reduce your fuel costs.


We hope these tips help you save some money at the pump.  One last thing to think about is a hybrid or electric vehicle for your next car purchase.  That’ll certainly save you money on gas!

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