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Do this Before you Sell your Used Car in Hamilton

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If you want to sell your used car in Hamilton, there are some things you must take into consideration before you can make any decisions. The used car market is experiencing incredible growth. You should be able to capitalize on this opportunity, provided you have the right approach.

Start by getting your paperwork in order


The government of Ontario has a specific sales kit that you must get when you sell your used car in Hamilton or buy a used car; sadly, there is no way to bypass this requirement, so you should order the kit right away.


While you wait for the kit to arrive in the post, you can get out the lien release document you received when you made the last payment on your vehicle.


You need this certificate because no buyer is going to make a firm offer if there are active liens against the car. If you cannot find the lien release, just contact your lender and ask them to send you another one.


Since we are focused on getting documents in order, this would be a great time to compile a list of all the service work you had done on your car.


The service record should include everything from tire rotations, oil changes, and major repairs. This service record will show the vehicle was well maintained, which helps you when it comes time to negotiate a purchase price.


Prospective buyers are looking for reasons why your car is not worth the asking price and not having the service record will give them a reason.


Working out the fair market value for your used car


New car prices are set by the manufacturer, but used vehicle prices are driven by market forces. There is a shortage of used cars in the global market; this shortage means prices tend to be on the high side.


There are websites like Kijiji Autos that can give you insight into what similar cars are being advertised for in your area. The prices you see are just for insight, and you should take them with a grain of salt.


Try to set your asking price in the middle of the pack so you have room to haggle when it comes time to negotiate.

Importance of dealing with local buyers


You may be tempted to accept offers from prospective buyers outside of Ontario. That would not be a smart move, especially given all of the fraud that is currently taking place.


By dealing with someone local, the risk of being ripped off is reduced but not entirely eliminated.


Another way to sell your car used car in Hamilton for cash quickly without any hassle is by going through a dealership. The dealership is always looking to buy cars and can make a competitive offer right away.


If you take the offer made by the dealership, you get paid right away and don’t have to worry about dealing with any of the paperwork you would need to file if you tried to sell the car on your own.


So, if you are in a rush for cash, it would be smart to contact your local dealership today.


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