How to Renew an Expired Driver’s License in Ontario

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Have you been off the road a few years and your license has or is about to expire? Well depending on how long it’s been there’s going to be a different process to get a new one that ranges from a simple fee to starting again from scratch. Here’s your guide on how to review an expired driver’s license in Ontario


Less than 1 Year

If your Ontario driver’s license license has expired less than 12 months ago or has yet to expire then you should be able to renew it online at the Ontario website, provided it’s a full G license and none of your information has changed (address, vision requirements) and you can pay the required fee.



If any of your information has changed then you’ll need to visit a ServiceOntario center and renew it in person. You’ll need to bring some photo ID (other than the license) along with you as well as a letter of renewal that you should have received 90 days before the license expired.


More Than 1 Year

If it’s been more than 1 year then you’ll have the same process above when you renew an expired driver’s license with the addition of some extra hoops to jump through depending on how long it’s been since the driver’s license expired.


If it’s been between 1 to 3 years then you’re going to need to take a vision test as well as the steps from above. Between 3 and 10 years, you’re going to need to take a vision test, a written knowledge test, and a couple of road tests to prove you’re still road-capable.


If it’s been over 10 years then legally you’re sent back to square one and have to start the entire process again, writing a theory test, getting your G1, then your G2 although if it’s been 10 years since you’ve driven it is fair to say that you may need the refresher anyway.


If you have a G1 or G2 license that expires then it’s back to square 1 immediately, no 1 year grace period on those.



80 Years or Older

If you are above the age of 80 there are additional steps you’ll need to take. For one you’ll need to renew your license every 2 years instead of the usual 5, and with each renewal, you’ll have to take a vision test, attend a group session with others to learn new traffic laws and general tips, pass a drivers screening and update your record.


Depending on how the screening goes you may also be required to sit another driving test.


That’s how to review an expired driver’s license in Ontario depending on your situation! Any questions? Contact us here.


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