How To Prevent Car Theft In Hagersville

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If you’re paying an auto loan on a car, you want to protect that investment as much as possible. There are people out there that want what you have and will not think twice about taking it from you. That means it’s on you to prevent car theft


In a departure from the usual auto loan themes, our Hagersville auto loan team is going to cover protecting your investment rather than preparing for it.


Here are some practical tips you can use to prevent car theft in Hagersville


Keep your car locked


It may seem like a no-brainer but locking your car can go a long way to protecting it. We are continually surprised at how many people we see who park their car and go to the store or to get coffee without locking their car.


It only takes a second and can mean the difference between having the car and not. Were it to be proven that your car was not locked when it was stolen, your insurer may not pay your claim.


Then you’ll be paying an auto loan without a car to show for it!


Don’t keep your car keys near the front door


If you have a key bowl or hanger, make sure it’s nowhere near the front door or in sight of it. Thieves have some ingenious ways of getting them, including using wire coat hangers as a hook.


If a thief can see the keys, they are more likely to try to break in to get them. Hiding them is as much a psychological barrier as a physical one.


Don’t leave valuables on display in the car


Damage to your car can be as annoying as losing it. That’s why we always recommend putting valuables in the trunk or not leaving them in the car at all. If you must store phones, laptops or other valuables in your car, put them out of sight.


Place them under the seat, in the glovebox, in the trunk or anywhere they cannot be seen from outside the car.


Park in well lit areas


Wherever possible, we always recommend parking in well lit areas. That’s for your own safety as much as your car and can help prevent theft or damage to your car.


There’s a good reason why shopping malls and popular car parks are well lit. It’s not only to make life easier when you’re trying to find your car but also to make it more difficult for thieves to steal from them.


Don’t leave roof boxes or bike racks on the car


It might not be just your car that’s up for grabs. Some thieves will remove roof boxes, tailgate racks, bike racks and other external accessories. They are worth money to someone so will be stolen if you’re not careful.


These accessories also reduce your gas mileage so we would recommend only using them when you need them anyway.


Do you have any actionable precautions to prevent car theft? Tell us about them in the comments if you do!


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