How to Make Your Car Last Longer: 4 Essential Tips to Follow

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If you want make your car last longer while you save for a down payment or increase your credit score for an auto loan, this blog will help. This article will identify how you can make your car go for longer without spending too much money.


This is what they came up with…


Keep the Car Serviced

Servicing is a running cost of the car and something you should never ignore. It can help prevent expensive repairs, prevent breakdowns, increase fuel efficiency, keep emissions low and help make your car last longer overall.


It’s only once a year and while it does cost money, you can recoup some of that when it comes time to sell the car. Cars with service histories generally sell for more than those without.


Don’t Ignore Oil Changes

There are good reasons why you see so many oil change shops around town. Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It can help reduce engine and part wear, keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently and help prevent catastrophic breakdowns.


Oil breaks down over time so needs changing regularly. It can also be contaminated with fuel, water, engine debris and dirt so will need changing at least once per year.


Monitor Your Fluids

Your engine relies on water, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and oil to remain efficient. You can check water, coolant, brake fluid and oil in seconds. Transmission fluid varies by model but a service should take care of that.


Like oil, all your engine fluids have a vital role to play. All will break down over time so regular replacement keeps everything running safely and smoothly.


Too little water and your windshield will stay dirty and obstruct visibility. Too little coolant and your engine may freeze in winter. Not enough brake fluid and you may not stop in time. All things that could drastically stop your car from lasting longer.


Fix Scratches and Dents Quickly

If you ding your car, get it scratched or otherwise damage the pain, don’t leave it. That’s doubly true if you live in a coastal area.


Paint not only makes the car look good but also protects the metal underneath. Most newer cars use galvanized metals but they are still susceptible to rust. Being exposed to the elements over time means metal areas can rust and even spread underneath your paintwork.


Suddenly, that hundred dollar scratch fix turns into a few hundred for a new fender, or worse!


If you want to make your car last longer while you save for a down payment or improve your credit score, all of those tips will help. Then, when you’re ready for your loan, contact our auto loan experts who can assist with the rest.


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