How to Buy a Car Online in Canada: Quick 4-Step Guide

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Are you looking to buy a car online in Canada but not sure how? You’ve come to the right place because in this article we’re going to walk you through the entire process, step by step, so that by the end you’re ready to become an online car buying expert.


Step 1: Set Your Budget

The trick with buying cars online in Canada is that in some senses you’re spoiled for choice, there are tons of cars that get sold online everyday, so the tactic to make sure you get the car you’re looking for is search optimization, and we’re going to start with cost.

How you figure out your budget for car shopping I’d going to depend on how you buy the car, if your shopping at dealerships then you need a long term budget that factors in monthly payments, if your shopping privately then your budget is a lump sum that you can afford to pay, generally derived from your savings.


Step 2: Figure Out Your Wants & Needs

The next step to buy a car online in Canada is to optimize your search is to figure out exactly what you need from a new car and what you want. These will differ from person to person depending on your situation.

factors that determine your needs in a car in canada

For example if you do a lot of driving every day then a car with good fuel economy may be a need, or if you’re using the car to transport a family then 4 doors may be a need, otherwise these are things that would be nice to have but you don’t strictly need in a new car.


Step 3: Check Every Source

With these categories gathered you can start by searching for cars with your wants and needs and if that isn’t working then you can cut to just needs. It’s important to check every source you can think of, there’s no need to feel loyalty to just one dealership or listing Websites.

Some cars will be posted on multiple sites but most will only be posted on one, so it’s always possible that you’ll miss the perfect car by just not looking in the right place.


Step 4: Make A Deal

The last step on how to buy a car online in Canada is to make a deal. It’s highly recommended that when you get to this step, before making any sort of agreement on price, that you actually go and physically see the car yourself and hopefully get to test drive it. Negotiations can also be much smoother in person as well since there’s no waiting for people to respond.


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