How Often Should You Replace Your Tires in Canada?

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As the sole component of a car that really touches the ground, tires are one of the most crucial components. Proper tire care is crucial since a burst tire can be quite painful. But how exactly do you inspect your tires? How often should you replace your tires? This article will explain.


How to Check Your Tires

When you inspect your tires, there are three things you should focus on: tread depth, tire pressure, and general condition. You can quickly test each of them to make sure.

The simplest method of checking tread depth is to use a penny test. Simply insert a toonie into the treads of the tires; if the coin extends to the bear’s paws, you’re good; if not, the treads have likely worn down severely and may need to be replaced.


Penny Test


You’ll need a pressure gauge to check the pressure in your tires, but it’s worthwhile because tire pressure might be the most crucial. If you’re not careful, improperly pressurized tires will deteriorate far more quickly and may even burst. Simply remove the cap, place the gauge, wait for the gap to be completely sealed, then take a reading. In order to fill to the appropriate level, compare that reading to the car’s recommended standard. But be careful not to do it shortly after you’ve used the tires.


The last test is a little more ambiguous; simply inspect the tires and search for any unusual lumps, dings, or cracks. They can seem insignificant, and they probably are, but all it takes is one hole to blow a tire, so you should have a professional check at anything that seems fishy.


When to Replace Your Tires 

Tire replacement is advised every six years, however there are several variables that could affect this estimate, particularly in Canada, where tire replacement is probably currently done every six months.


Mileage is a better gauge because tires and cars deteriorate at varying rates, however, your owner’s handbook most likely includes suggested guidelines. Do the inspections listed above if you’re unsure whether it’s time to acquire new tires? Tread depth in particular will give you a solid indicator of when it’s time to do so.


That’s all there is to it! If you’re still a little confused and would rather have an expert check for you, we can make that work. Click here to contact us today.

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