Do electric cars last longer than gas in Canada?

Do electric cars last longer than gas in Canada?

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Are you interested in buying an electric car but wondering whether it will last longer than your gas-powered car?


You are in the right place; we are going to discuss the benefits and unique challenges that come with owning an EV; by the time you reach the end of this conversation, you will feel much better about cars in general.


Where do you live in Canada?


The biggest variable that impacts how long your car will live, whether gas-powered or electric, is where in Canada you live.


If you are living in the Maritimes, where winter is harsh and salt is used for de-icing, you have to worry about corrosion and rust.


The chemicals wear down the metal components on a car in the salt, which, combined with water, lead to rust forming; once surface rust sets in, the body of your car will deteriorate to the point where the engine operates, but the body is not fit for the road.


Whether you are driving an EV or gas-powered car, you need to wash the salt off and keep your car away from the elements as much as possible, which will extend the lifespan of the vehicle.


What type of EV will you purchase?


The biggest influencer of how long your EV will last is who produced the car. If it was produced by an obscure company, there is no telling how long the EV will function.


If you purchase an EV from a company like Ford, you will have complete peace of mind knowing the car is able to stand the test of time; the reasoning behind this is Ford has built other cars that are reliable, so there is no reason not to expect the same from their line-up of EVs.


Reasons why an EV will last longer than a gas-powered car


The short answer is there are fewer moving parts in an electric car when compared to a gas-powered equivalent.


Fewer moving parts mean fewer things can go wrong, and the cost of maintaining the vehicle is also lower.


With a gas-powered car, you need to change oil at recommended intervals, and there are hoses, engine coolant, and a host of other tasks that must be performed to ensure the gas-powered car is functioning properly.


With an electric car, you can easily get ten years of service out of it, and if you properly maintain the battery, 15-20 years of service!


Selecting the right EV


The challenge is finding the EV that is best suited for your situation and needs; there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to buying an EV.


How many seats do you require, and do you have a long daily commute or just short hops around town? These questions will help identify which EV is going to best suit your needs.


You may feel reluctant to make the transition from gas to all electric, but with each visit to the gas station, you are handing over more and more of your hard-earned money.


By heading over to your local car dealership and buying an EV today, you are locking in savings and freeing yourself from the hassles of maintaining a gas-powered car.


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