5 Car Selling Mistakes you should Avoid in Dunnville

5 Car Selling Mistakes you should Avoid in Dunnville

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Selling your car to a dealership is now a very common method of disposing of your old car to make space for the new. Whether you’re buying from a dealership or not, they are paying higher prices than ever before. That is unless you make one of these 5 car selling mistakes.


  1. Not cleaning your car


Dirty cars aren’t nice to sit in or drive and won’t put the appraiser in a good mood. Nobody likes sitting on grimy seats or trying to see out if a filthy windshield.


Give your car a thorough clean so we can assess its condition, check for wear and tear and clean it inside and out.


It not only makes the appraiser happy, clean cars look much more appealing than dirty ones!


  1. Spending too much on repairs


We always recommend fixing small things to make your car look and work better but there is a limit on how much time and money you should spend on it.


When we say minor repairs, we mean things like changing bulbs, wipers and engine pipes. We mean changing any worn or damaged tires, replacing missing trim from the interior or exterior and using a paint pen or having dents or scratches repaired.


Anything else is a waste of time and money. You won’t get more for the car and we would likely only perform those same checks or repairs as part of vehicle reconditioning when preparing it for resale.


  1. Not including all the paperwork


All cars need adequate paperwork to enable the sale to a dealership. That will include the title, registration and your driving license. You should also include all service paperwork, receipts, invoices and any crash repair paperwork you may have.


Not having the title or registration will prevent the sale. Not having the other paperwork will likely reduce the price you’re offered for your old car.


  1. Not having all the accessories


Not having all the accessories is one of the car selling mistakes people often forget. That can include the spare tire or tire inflator, locking wheel nut, PIN code card for the car’s audio system, owner’s manual, service document, extra keys and anything else that came with your car.


We appreciate that sometimes stuff gets lost but, if at all possible, we need all these things if they are relevant to your car.


  1. Overestimating the car’s value


Overestimating the car’s value is one of the very common car selling mistakes people make when selling to a dealership or privately.


You need to be dispassionate about the car and value it at its market rate and not how much you value it. Remove all the fond memories and emotion from pricing.


Use Auto Trader, eBay, Craigslist and Kelley Blue Book to assess its value and not what you think it’s worth. While dealerships are willing to negotiate, it can be a painful process when you’re starting too high!


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