What’s the Best Colour for a Car? 3 Factors to Help You Decide

What’s the Best Colour for a Car? 3 Factors to Help You Decide

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There are many important things to consider when buying a new car so much so that one you may not be thinking too hard about is colour. However the colour of a car is more important than you might expect. In this article we’ll go over some colour facts that will help you decide the colour of your next car.


Colour Value


Something which you may not have considered is that colour can have an effect on the resale value of the car, because some colours are more in demand than others. The most popular and therefore most valuable colours are: Black, White and Silver. The reason being that these are safe colours nobody will be put off a car because it’s black or white, but they might if it’s green or yellow.



While that’s not a logical reason to pay less for a car since colour doesn’t have any effect on performance, not all car sales are based on logic. And the rules are not so clear cut. Certain car brands have a signature colour that people expect, for example Ferrari’s red or BMW’s blue.


Before you buy you can look into the specific make and model to see exactly what colours dominate the market for those cars and let that influence your decision.




While colour has no effect on performance, that doesn’t mean colour has no practical influence at all. The truth is that some colours are easier to maintain than others. For example black paint will make any dents or chips in the paint extremely obvious due to the sharp contrast with the metal underneath, and will also get much hotter than any other paint colour.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, white is much harder to clean as white will accentuate any dirt or grime on the car. These various factors make it so that the most efficient colour of car is actually tan/beige, so if pure efficiency is what you’re after, maybe beige is for you.


Biege Toyota Corolla

Biege Toyota Corolla




There’s a bit of information around the internet that “black is the most dangerous colour” based on the idea that black is harder to see at night than any other colour, which certainly sounds logical. However the actual studies done in this field are less than convincing, as the danger of each colour, meaning percentage of crashes per year, seems to directly correlate with the popularity of each colour. Suggesting that the reason more black cars end up in collisions, is simply that there’s more black cars.


And of course, during the day black switches from least visible to most visible, so it’s all a balancing act.


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