6 Great Benefits of Owning an Electric Car in Canada

6 Great Benefits of Owning an Electric Car in Canada

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We are going to cover some of the benefits of owning an electric car in Canada. There is a major shift taking place in the automobile industry in Canada.


By the middle of the next decade (the 2030s), there will be no new gasoline-powered vehicles produced in Canada.


This new law will force carmakers and drivers to make the switch to an EV (electric vehicle). We will address the key benefits of owning an electric car in Canada but also some of the concerns that Canadians may have about making the transition from gasoline to electricity.


Range anxiety myths busted


The first thing we need to do is look at the evolution of battery capacity and overall range.


When the first generation of EVs rolled off the assembly line, there were a few bugs to work out. The first is driving range on a full charge.


EV range improvements

EV range improvements


The first generation EVs only had around 400km of range on a single charge, and if you lived outside of a major metropolitan area, being able to access a level-3 charger for a quick recharge was challenging at the best of times.


Flash forward to today, the number of level-3 chargers being installed throughout Canada has grown by leaps and bounds.


EV charging station levels

EV charging station levels


You can now purchase an entry-level EV with a range of 500KM, which is comparable to the distance you would get from a gas-powered car.


This latest generation of EVs also has technology that allows for quicker recharging so you can spend more time on the road instead of being stuck in a charging station.


Incentives from both the provincial and federal governments


There are incentives being offered by provincial and federal governments to help offset the initial costs of transitioning to an EV. This is another one of the great benefits of owning an electric vehicle.


You can qualify for rebates by purchasing a qualifying zero-emission vehicle (ZEV).


Even car manufacturers are helping make the transition to an EV easier by offering support with the installation of a level-2 charger in your home.


With this faster-charging technology, you can plug your car in when you are home in the evening, so your car is always fully charged when you are ready to head out to work in the morning.


Long-term benefits of owning an EV


We went on a bit of a tangent, but let’s return on the benefits of owning an EV. The first is the money you will be saving on fueling the vehicle.


With gasoline prices rising with inflation, you will pay pennies to recharge your EV instead of a hundred dollars plus to put gas into your gas-powered car.


EVs also come with less maintenance when compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.



There are fewer moving parts on an EV; fewer moving parts mean less wear and tear. Last and equally important is you are doing your part for the environment.


Fossil fuels are limited, so we should do our best to manage this precious resource. By switching over to an EV that is powered by renewable energy, you are taking a positive step in reducing your carbon footprint.


These are the main benefits of owning an electric car in Canada that you wouldn’t see with a gas alternative!


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