Should you buy an electric car for your business?

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Are you running a business where you need a vehicle? Canadian entrepreneurs who need a vehicle for their business should give serious thought to making the switch from their existing gas-powered vehicle to an all-electric.


Stick around with us until the end of this conversation, and we will show you how to get your new EV financed at very competitive terms, even if your credit needs work.


Reasons to become an EV owner


The first is the savings on fuel, gas prices are at all-time highs, and as a business owner, you are keeping a close eye on your margins.


With an EV, your costs of fuel are more predictable and easier on the wallet; even if gas prices doubled overnight, it would not impact you because electricity rate increases have to go through a utility board review process.


The average EV user in Canada spends less than $300 a year to power their car; that is like a few tanks of gas at best!


Another benefit of driving an EV is the positive image your business is conveying to existing and potential customers.


Your company is taking a positive step towards lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment; while some people may not think twice about this, there is a segment of the consumer marketplace that will patronize businesses that are proactive when it comes to environmental awareness.


Finding the right EV for your business


The good news is there are many great EVs in the market to choose from, trusted brands like Ford and Jeep have been around for the better part of a century, so you know their vehicles are reliable.


While there are new carmakers that you could buy from, it would be wiser to stick with the established brands who will be around to service your car in the future.


Since we touched on servicing your vehicle, you will be happy to know that these electric vehicles require little maintenance; aside from changing tires and cabin filters, it is pretty much maintenance-free.


The most important thing is properly caring for your vehicle battery by not parking in extreme heat for prolonged periods of time, but you wouldn’t do that with your gas-powered car either because extreme heat will hurt the paint job.


Where to get the best deal on an EV


Suppose you have credit issues or hard-to-document income, which is something that most business owners face in Canada.


In that case, you cannot secure a loan by yourself. You need to turn to the professionals at your local car dealership. They have credit experts who can review your income and credit information to figure out how to repair your credit.


The dealership has existing relationships with lenders throughout Canada, so they can get you approved for a car loan no matter your situation, but you must reach out to them.


The EV revolution is here to stay, so the sooner you reach out to the local dealerships, the more money you will save operating the EV; plus, they are a lot of fun to drive.


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