4 Reasons to Sell a Car in Jarvis Ontario

4 Reasons to Sell a Car in Jarvis Ontario

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In Jarvis, a topic on every vehicle owner’s mind these days is the price of gas.  Well, really it never goes away, but when they climb as quickly as they have lately, it brings it top of mind.  No matter where you live in Canada, everyone is feeling the crunch and people are starting to wonder if they should sell a car in Jarvis.


It’s making a lot of vehicle owners question whether they really need the car they have right now.  Maybe you’re one of those people.  Could it be time to downsize your current truck or SUV, or perhaps go down to a single vehicle instead of a multi-vehicle home?


If that sounds like you, you’re now probably wondering what your next steps should be.  There are a few questions you should ask yourself to make that determination.


  1. Are you downsizing?

If you’re downsizing from a bigger vehicle to something smaller you have some options to consider.  You could sell your current vehicle and use the proceeds to purchase something else.  This is really only a viable option if your car is paid off, otherwise you’d be using any sale proceeds to pay off the remainder of your loan.


Another option is to trade your current vehicle in to a dealership and use that value to purchase a new car.  You can do a trade-in whether you owe on your vehicle or own it outright.  It’s an easy one-stop way to go from your old SUV to a new sedan.


  1. Are you losing the car altogether?

If you feel you no longer need your current vehicle, it makes the most sense to sell it outright.  This again comes with multiple options.  Depending on your situation you could either sell it privately on your own or to a dealership.

The simplest way to make this decision is this: do you still owe on your car loan?  If so, your best bet is to sell to a dealership.  They can take care of any debts owing to your lender and send you home with the difference.  If you fully own your vehicle and especially if you have a highly customized car, you may be better off selling in the private market.  Either way you end up with cash in hand, which is really what you’re after.


  1. Will your needs change in the future?

This is a tough one.  Obviously, no one can predict the future.  Right now you may be working you’re your home in Jarvis and be able to sell a car in Jarvis with no problems, but does your company have plans to return to the office?  An SUV seems a little big for only two people, but do you intend to start a family in the near future?  Those are important life changes to consider before deciding to sell or trade your current ride.  Who knew selling your car could lead to such big questions?!

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