How you can Find the Perfect Family Car for Canada

How you can Find the Perfect Family Car for Canada

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Being a parent is not easy, especially with the pandemic. Everyone is being cooped up in the house, kids trying to learn via Zoom, and you trying to get work done.


Once the pandemic is over, you will need to get back to normal life. Kids will need to go to practice, and you will need to return to the office. Now may be an ideal time to start shopping for a new vehicle, especially since the number of new cars being produced is dwindling due to the lack of microchips. In that case, we’ll show you how to find the perfect family car for Canada.


Budgeting for Perfect Family Car for Canada


Inflation has driven up the cost of food, energy, and car prices. Sadly, wages are not keeping pace with inflation, so you will need to start trimming your budget to make room for the car payment. We could save up and buy the car with cash in a perfect world, but that is not realistic.


Lenders are battling tooth and nail for your business


It’s nice to be wanted, and car loan providers are eager to get your business. However, with the limited number of available cars, there is a finite number of deals that can be underwritten, so lenders are pulling out all the stops to win market share.


Something that lenders are promoting is no payments for 90-days, and some lenders are going so far as to offer zero percent interest.


This zero percent is only for select models, and you need a terrific credit score to qualify, but there are deals to be had if you are financially responsible.


How good is your credit?


Do you know your credit score? We need credit for everything, so get into the habit of reviewing your credit score at least once a month but preferably more often.


Your credit score must be over 650 to get the most competitive offers. While your credit score is essential, we can’t underscore the importance of having a solid income. The pandemic has shown a spotlight on just how fragile the job market is, especially with lock-downs still taking place.


Lenders want to know whether your income will be stable throughout the pandemic. The way lenders assess this risk is by looking at how much money you have earned so far. If you survived the brunt of the pandemic, chances are you should make about the same while we ride out the Omicron variant.


After you have your credit score and income settled, you can head over to a local dealership. The dealership has access to the most competitive lenders in Canada and vehicles that will meet your family’s needs.


When buying the perfect family car for Canada, be sure to pick a reliable make, like Jeep. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money and time with an unreliable vehicle. It would be wise to head over to the dealership now and go on some test drives. You will be happy you took the initiative and got a new car for the family.


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