Everything to Know about Selling a Car in Hagersville

Everything to Know about Selling a Car in Hagersville

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So, you live in Hagersville, and you’ve decided to sell your car.  You have questions, we have answers!


Where can I sell my car safely?


While selling your car privately has a certain appeal, the safest way to sell your car is to a dealership.  You don’t have to worry about giving your address out to strangers or getting into a car with someone you’ve never met.  You can also trust you’ll receive the payment agreed upon when you sell to a dealership.


How can I sell my car fast?


When you choose to sell to Dixie Auto Loans, you’re choosing a fast and efficient way to move your used vehicle.  Once you’ve done your homework and you’re ready to go, fill out our form and let us get in touch with you to schedule an appraisal.


Should I try to sell my car on social media?


Facebook marketplace is great when you want to sell that old crib or futon, but a car is in a different ballpark altogether.  When you want to get a fair price and ensure you get paid, selling to a dealership is a better choice.

Where can I get my car appraised?

There are a lot of sites you can use to get an idea of what your car is worth.  We like CarFax, Kelly Blue Book, Auto Trader, Kijiji & eBay.  You should use these sites to compare your car to others that have sold in your area, then book an appointment with us to get a professional appraisal.  It’s wise to be aware of your car’s market value so you can be certain you’re getting an accurate offer.

Should I sell or trade?

It really depends on what you’re looking for.  Maybe after two years of working from home, you don’t need your car as much and you’d just like to sell it.  If you’re looking to upgrade to something newer or bigger, then a trade-in could be the right option for you.  You can be sure that when you deal with Car Nation Canada you won’t feel the pressure to buy one of our cars unless that’s what you want.

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