Useful Tips for Selling your Car in Kitchener

Useful Tips for Selling your Car in Kitchener

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Used car prices are shooting through the roof, the latest reports state the average price is up over 10% and shows no signs of slowing down. This is one of the main reasons why selling your car in Kitchener may be a great idea.


There are many forces behind this spike in demand, developing countries like Africa are buying used cars and paying a premium to ship them from North America to Africa. Buyers from Africa are unable to visit Canada and the U.S.A. in person so these buyers are shopping online with Copart.


If you are thinking about selling your car in Kitchener on Copart, you should reconsider. We mentioned this auction website to help you understand some of the driving forces behind the demand.


Selling on Copart and similar platforms involves a considerable amount of cost and risk. You are not guaranteed to get your asking price or anything for that matter!


Skip social media


Another commonplace that you could try selling your car in Kitchener is on social media, but social media is not an ideal platform for selling vehicles, if you want to sell digital assets or media, then that is fine but you will notice that most of the buyers on social media neither have the means nor intention to pay the fair market price.


Kijiji auto or similar websites


The buyers on these platforms are slightly more sophisticated than what you would find on social media. These individuals tend to spend most of their time looking for the lowest possible priced comparable. The buyers want to give you a lowball offer by using the lowest-priced comparable.  Even if you were to agree on the lowball offer, these buyers may not have the funds on hand to close the deal.


Call in the pros


Your best chance of getting paid fairly and quickly is by turning to your local dealership for help. You could ask the dealer for a quote over the phone but it would beneficial to bring the car in for assessment.


The dealer will look over the vehicle, assess the overall condition, and give you a written proposal on what they are willing to pay.


There may be two numbers on the proposal, one is an all-cash offer and the other is the trade-in value of the car. The all-cash offer will be lower than the trade-in value.


These dealers need to make money from the car if you are taking the all-cash offer so they will give you a lower price which provides them with a margin.


If you are willing to buy a car from them, they are willing to give a higher trade-in value to show their appreciation. To benefit from the superior trade-in offer, you will still need to meet the loan underwriting requirements like having a job and a credit score in the 650-680+ range. If you have bruised credit, the trade-in should help you qualify for the loan since it is treated as a down payment.


The dealership is your best bet whenever you want to buy or sell a car, they want you to have a great experience so you always go to them whenever you have a need.


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