How to Sell your Car without Hassle in Campbellville

How to Sell your Car without Hassle in Campbellville

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Planning to sell your car to a dealership? Wondering whether to sell privately, trade in or sell to a dealer? Whatever you decide to do, approaching the process logically can offer significant advantages. That’s what today’s post is all about. Our Campbellville auto loans team outlines some top tips to help you sell your car without hassle.


Sell your car without hassle through a dealer


Our first tip is to forego selling privately altogether and sell to a dealership. Even if you’re not planning to buy a car from them, they will buy your old one and pay more for it than you might think.


Dealerships used to be notorious for offering lower than market value for cars so they could make a profit. The strength of the used car market and stronger prices means dealers can afford to pay much closer to market value.


Price your car realistically


Pricing your car has a huge influence over how easy it is to sell. Being realistic in your expectations makes a huge difference to how you find the experience and how quickly you sell the car.


Use car websites and compare like-for-like. Use Kelley Blue Book and use whatever methods you see fit.


Compare your car to those of the same make, model, trim, year and mileage to come up with a realistic figure.


Tell the truth


Being honest about the state of the car, it’s service history or mechanical background keeps things nice and simple. Dealers can find out most things anyway from centralized systems so if your car has been in a collision or written off, there’s no point hiding it.


Be up front, be honest and the process will go a lot smoother.


Get caught trying to hide a write off and the deal will be off.


Prepare the car for sale


Clean the car inside and out. Check tires, lights, windshield wipers and all the basics. Make the car as presentable as possible and as pleasant to drive as possible.


Dealerships will still test drive the car to make sure everything works and nobody wants to view or inspect a dirty car. Not only can we not see its true condition, it’s an unpleasant experience that doesn’t put us in a generous frame of mind.


Prepare your paperwork


Having everything ready when you go to sell the car will make the entire process much smoother.


That means having the title, vehicle registration, receipts for work and any extra warranty paperwork for repairs or replacement parts. Dealerships will be able to tell the service record from databases but the paperwork showing services won’t hurt either.


Be prepared to negotiate


Negotiation is part of the process and something we all need to make our peace with when buying and selling cars. If you have a figure in mind and it’s a realistic one, keep it in mind when negotiating.


Be prepared to justify your position and have evidence of other cars priced where you want to be will help.


Stick to your guns but be prepared to do a deal. Tell the dealer why you think it’s worth what you’re asking, show them other cars priced the same and let them do the work.


Sell your car without hassle to a dealership, for a safer, nicer and smoother experience!


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