Habits To Maintain The Value Of A Car In Oakville

Habits To Maintain The Value Of A Car In Oakville

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We all have habits we wish we didn’t, whether we’re conscious of them or not. It’s the same for driving. We all have driving habits that can be counterproductive and even damage the car. Our Oakville auto loan team outlines 5 simple driving habits that if you cut down on, will maintain the value of a car.


Erase these Habits to Maintain the Value of A Car In Oakville


If you want to maintain the value of a car as much as possible so you can trade it in, make sure you don’t do any of these things.


Not slowing for speed humps


We are still genuinely surprised how many people we see who don’t slow down for speed humps and will just hit them at the speed limit. Unless you’re driving a truck or off roader, this is definitely going to damage your suspension.


You can also bottom out the car, hit the chassis on the top of the speed hump, which can be catastrophic!


Driving with less than a quarter tank of gas


I know I’m guilty of this one. Driving with less than a quarter tank of gas can damage your car in a couple of ways. One, the fuel pump is sometimes in the tank and is cooled by the gas. Not much gas, not much cooling for the pump.


Two, debris can enter the tank along with the gas and can be sucked up from the bottom of the tank by the pump. This can cause blockages or damage to the fuel system.


Three, older steel gas tanks can condensate when low on gas which can add water to the fuel mix, which dilutes the fuel and can accelerate corrosion.


Flooring the gas instead of changing down


Have you ever driven up a hill and tried to overtake a truck just by flooring the gas and not changing down a gear? Manual transmissions are fun to drive but also have practical purposes too. One is to give you more control over how much pressure you put your engine under.


Rather than flooring it in low revs and putting the engine under intense strain, shift down, let the revs climb and then floor it. Your engine will thank you for it!


Not stopping the car when shifting from reverse to drive


How many of you with automatic transmissions don’t fully stop the car before reversing off your drive or out of a parking space?


You’re supposed to come to a full stop before shifting from reverse into drive. If you don’t, you’re forcing the transmission to stop the car which can put it under intense pressure. This is very likely going to shorten its operating life.


Riding the brakes


How many cars do you see on the road that have their brake lights on permanently when in traffic or going downhill? We see plenty and it’s as damaging to the car as it is annoying to sit behind.


Dragging or riding your brakes can overheat them rather quickly. Overheated brakes can glaze the brake pads and ‘cook’ the brake fluid, making both of them less effective.


While simple to repair, it leaves you somewhat exposed until you have them replaced.


Changing these common habits will not only keep your car in fantastic condition ready to trade in, it will also lower the running costs and repair bills. That’s a double win!


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