Five easy way to save money on your daily commute

Five easy way to save money on your daily commute in Burlington

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Saving money without impacting your way of life is the holy grail of budgeting. All too often we stick to the obvious. Going out less, spending less on clothes, cutting back on leisure spending and so on.

There are ways to save money in every aspect of life without causing too much hardship.

Today we are focusing on the daily commute.

Save money during your commute

For many, the daily commute is dead time. Time we would rather spend doing almost anything else rather than staring at taillights on the highway or being stuck in traffic in the city.

We can use it to save a little money though. Here’s how:

Avoid using AC

Many people I know are so used to using air conditioning that they have it running full time, even in winter. You don’t need to do that. Using it only when you need it could save a lot in gas.

Various studies have shown that running air conditioning reduces fuel efficiency by around 10%. Only using AC when you really need it could save big on your commute.

Keep speed sensible

The faster you drive, the more gas you use. While it might be tempting to plant the foot in a break in traffic, it won’t get you very far and it will increase your fuel consumption.

Drive anything over 55 and gas mileage goes down significantly. Plus, it is very unlikely that you’ll get much further anyway. It’s much better to sit back, keep speed sensible and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Leave a little earlier

Depending on how flexible your employer is, you could start a little earlier, or later, in the day to avoid rush hour. This could not only save gas by not having to sit in traffic, it could save time too. Time is priceless, so this is a double win!

Depending on where you live, leaving the house just 15 minutes earlier could make a significant different to journey times.

Check your tires

Keeping your tires at the right pressure can also help gas mileage. Tire condition is also a safety issue so making sure your tires are always in good condition is essential.

Underinflated tires increase gas mileage and can affect traction and handling. Overinflated tires reduce grip and can be equally dangerous!

Choose your gas station carefully

If you have the luxury of passing several gas stations on your commute, selecting the one with the cheapest gas can also save money. Even making a small detour from your route can make savings if the price is worth it.

None of these steps will make you rich or give you hundreds of extra dollars at the end of each month. What they will do is provide incremental savings that will build up over time to use to pay off your car loan or put down a larger down payment.

That has to be worth it, right?

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